Benaki Museum Exhibition

The Benaki Museum Shop is hosting an exhibition by Thomai Kontou, part of a series of exhibitions entitled Material Quests.

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My art

Handmade porcelain creations with passion

A fascinating element

It is the very substance of porcelain, in combination with extreme firing temperatures, which lend its particularly interesting aesthetic characteristics: transparency, whiteness, luminosity and splendour of colours, in addition to its hardness and durability, which render it ideal for utility purposes.

Utility and decorative artifacts

I shape most objects on the wheel, using moulds only for specific forms like tile - plates and wall - inlays. I employ ornamental techniques of engraving, cutting, incision and partial removal of material, as well as waxing underneath or over the glazes. The waxing method resembles that of the batik.

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Handmade Porcelain

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